Coupons & How to Use Them

Coupons are the perfect way to give your customers discounts and make their experience at your shop more enjoyable. Everyone loves discounts and special offers and here is a step to step guide to make your own coupons.

Step 1: Click on the “Coupon” tab. #

Step 2: Click on the “Add New” button. #

Step 3: Fill the following details as per your requirements. #

Step 4: Go into “Restriction” and fill these details, it can be up to your preferences. #

Individual Use: The coupon can not be used if there is already another active coupon applied to the cart.
Exclude Sale Items: The coupon will automatically not include any items that are active on their discounted prices.

Step 5: Go into “Limit” and fill the following details or leave them empty if you don’t want to apply any limit to your rules. However, we would recommend you to limit the coupon usage to “1”. Once done, please submit to activate the coupon. #

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