How do I get paid by customers?

Esnaf is for artisans – we do not come between you and your customers for payments. Everything is done directly between the artist and their customer.

In order to achieve this goal, we haven’t implemented any Credit/Debit card payment methods on our platform – because that would require Esnaf to take the payment and then forward it to you.

In light of that mantra, Esnaf currently has the following payment options you can use on your store.

  1. Online Bank Transfer / JazzCash Account / EasyPaisa Account
  2. Cash on Delivery

Follow the steps below to setup your store’s payment options:

Step 1: Click on Settings & go to the “Customer Pay Option” tab. #

Check the relevant box according to your desired payment option and fill in the details properly. Please make sure to double-check these details because they’ll be shown on your customer’s checkout page and will also be sent to their order emails.

Step 2: Press Save. #

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