How to add a “Variable Product”

What is a Variable Product? #

A “Variable Product” can be used when you have variations for your product such as size, color, design etc. Let’s add one by following the simple steps below:

Step 1: Go to your “Products” page & click the “Add New” button. #

Step 2: Select “Variable Product” from this Dropdown Menu. #

Step 3: Add Product Title. #

Step 4: Write your Product’s Short Description (this shows on the right side of your product in your Store) #

Step 5: Write your Product’s Long Description (this shows on the bottom of your product in your Store – you can also put images here to further show your product’s details) #

Step 6: Select a single or multiple Categories for your product. #

Step 7: Upload your Product’s Featured Image. #

Step 8: Upload Additional Images for Your Product’s Gallery (OPTIONAL) #

Step 9: Select some Tags for your Product (OPTIONAL) #

Step 10: Go into the “Attributes” tab. #

Step 11: Add an attribute, choose one from the given ones or follow the next step to create an attribute. #

Step 12: Click on “Add” #

Step 13: Give a name to your attribute. #

Step 14: Enter the values you want as your product variations by using the separator “|” (This is not the alphabet “L” or “I”, it’s a symbol on your keyboard) #

Step 15: Please select the check boxes. #

Step 16: Go into the “Variations” tab. #

Step 17: If you have entered your attributes correctly, you will see all the attributes showing up here. #

Step 18: Select “create variations from all attributes” #

Step 19: Fill the relevant details of each variation. #

Step 20: Publish the product. #

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