How to Setup Your Store’s Settings

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Now that you’re an official Esnafian, let’s take you through each part of the “Settings” tab in the Dashboard. Please be sure to read each and every part of this to set everything up correctly.

Step 1: Press the “Setting” tab on your left side of the panel. #

Step 2: Go to your “Store” settings and fill out all the essential details about your business. #

Step 3: Upload the “Store Logo” and select “Banner type” for your store. #

Step 4: Select your “Store List Banner” and Upload the relevant Image. Fill in a short description about your store. #

Step 5: Select the options you want to be displayed on your store and save. #

Step 6: Go to the “Location” tab and fill your store address. #

Step 7: You can also add your store location. #

Step 8: Press Save. #

Step 9: Go to “Payment” tab and select any of the options. #

Please note, since Esnaf doesn’t manage payments between you and your buyers, these settings are only for your own dashboard to work properly. These details won’t be seen by us or your buyers.

Step 10: Press Save. #

Step 11: Select “Customer Pay Option” tab and fill the details you want the customer to see to pay you. #

Please be sure to fill these out properly as these are the payment details your customers will see during checkout and in their email.

Step 12: Press Save. #

Step 13: Select the “SEO” tab and fill the following details as you like. #

SEO Explanation: #

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. These settings are for Google to see and display on Search Results when someone searches for a product.

SEO Title: Short and concise, preferably with your Store’s name at the end.

Meta Description: This is a short description of your store. Again, short and concise will work better than longer descriptions.

Meta Keywords: These are the keywords your shop represents. For example; if your store sells unique handmade items – your keyword should be unique handmade items. This will vary from store to store. You may also leave this blank if you are unsure, Google will automatically catch keywords from your store.

Step 14: Fill the following details of your socials. #

Step 15: Press Save. #

Step 16: Select the “Store Policies” tab and start by writing your store policies, each policy caters to you and is not associated with Esnaf. #

Step 17: Fill out your Refund Policy, it is very important to update this. #

Step 18: Fill out your cancellation/exchange/return policy. This is also important. #

Step 19: Press Save. #

Step 20: Select “Customer Support” tab and fill out the essential details so the customers can contact you if they have any questions. #

Step 21: Press Save. #

Step 22: Select “Store Hours” tab and update this if you operate through any specific hours, if not leave this blank. #

Step 23: Fill and Save. #

Step 24: Select “Vacation Mode” and fill out the details if you want to stop taking orders for any specific time. #

Step 25: Save and exit. #

Step 26: Go to “Shipping”, enable by selecting the check box and select the processing time. #

Step 27: Select the type you want to apply on your store. #

Step 28: Press Save. #

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