What products can I sell on my shop?

Esnaf honors and respects creative ventures and supports makers in making it possible to market and sell their work across the Esnaf platform.

Esnaf, however, does not endorse or permit work of other artists and creators to be resold, replicated or recreated. Esnaf also does not permit any products, artwork or material which may hold offense to other religions, cultures, races, or belief systems.

Esnaf does not endorse or encourage any form of work which may come off as inappropriate, promote sexual or vulgar content, or works which propagate alcohol, drugs, or other contraband goods.

As an Esnaf Creative, you are to be held accountable and responsible for any such content found in your estore which will result in removal and a ban instantly. You must consent to the work you sell to be authentic and non-depreciative of others intellectual property. All work you post must be your own.

This is not a platform for commercial goods or resellers. You must uphold your commitment to fulfill orders and requested items on time. Clearly mention turnaround times if items are not available in stock to avoid miscommunication to customers.

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