Terms & Conditions


Account holders must be 13 or older. Individuals under 18 are required to sign up or register with consent and on boarding of a legal guardian / parent.

You need to be super honest and ethical about the information you provide and share on your account. This is related to information about you, your business, your products, and other wise.

Inappropriate content isn’t permitted. Not as communication, not as display names or profile photos, or anything similar.

All activity on your account is reflective of you. Any misconduct, breach of privacy, or fraudulent business will hold YOU the account holder liable. Please do not share passwords, please do not give access to your account to others.

Esnaf is a platform to facilitate small scale businesses and to support local makers. Associating with Esnaf in no way creates partnership, agency, or employment between you and Esnaf.

Esnaf honors and respects creative ventures and supports makers in making it possible to market and sell their work across the Esnaf platform. Esnaf however does not endorse or permit work of other artists and creators to be resold, replicated or recreated. Esnaf also does not permit any products, artwork or material which may hold offense to other religions, cultures, races, or belief systems. Esnaf does not endorse or encourage any form of work which may come off as inappropriate, promote sexual or vulgar content, or works which propagate alcohol, drugs, or other contraband goods.

As an Esnaf Creative, you are to be held accountable and responsible for any such content found in your estore which will result in removal and a ban instantly. You must consent to the work you sell to be authentic and non-depreciative of others intellectual property. All work you post must be your own. This is not a platform for commercial goods or resellers. You must uphold your commitment to fulfill orders and requested items on time. Clearly mention turnaround times if items are not available in stock to avoid miscommunication to customers.

Esnaf holds the right to disable any and all accounts found breaching code of conduct, partaking in fraudulent business, unethical sales of goods prohibited, or found plagiarizing / stealing another creative’s work.



Your content is your responsibility. You must ensure you have permission to upload / share / sell it.

The content you upload, may be used by Esnaf on its platforms for promotion, reference, marketing, or otherwise. Which means, we may use it without any repercussions, and without claiming ownership of course. Esnaf may modify, resize or circulate your content as part of the Esnaf platform (with the exception of your personal information) We may translate your descriptions, alter the sizes of your images, reshare your work on a blog or feature, etc.

Any offense pertaining to infringement of copyrights can be reported if found in your content. Repetitive violations will disable your account and ban you from Esnaf.


There is no tolerance for any content which is derogatory, abusive, threatening, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, or otherwise offensive or violating of non-permissible items.

You may not use the Esnaf platform to spam, push competitions, spread links with viruses, or create a wave of false information through the community.




Esnafians ship as per the mentioned timelines via carriers of their choice. You may ask for a tracking number or hold them accountable especially if an item is not received, received in unacceptable condition, or received incorrect. Esnaf will only mediate if the mentioned policies comply with the situation at hand.


In case of miscommittment, incorrect items being shipped, or the vendor being irresponsive especially once a payment has been made, the buyer may reach out to Esnaf via a support ticket with all relevant details pertaining to their order and communication.

Esnaf takes no liability nor will Esnaf intervene if transactions / orders are made offline the Esnaf platform directly ie via Facebook, Whatsapp, in person, or via other means.

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