Why Esnaf?

Your store will have its very own URL, for example: www.esnaf.art/store/yourbrand

Esnaf is brought to you by folks at The Crafter’s Guild who have curated the urban craft scene and worked with Pakistani crafters for a decade. With ample hands on experience, focus on handmade, and expertise in thinking for the maker — Esnaf is happy to bloom as your favorite online marketplace. Made for makers, by makers! If you’re familiar with The Crafter’s Expo, The Indie Art and Craft Show or Bohemian, a fair for creatives… you’ll know just how much time, effort, love and dedication has been invested for Esnaf and the local craft community across Pakistan.

What makes Esnaf even more special is the fact it caters to home based businesses (primarily run by women.)

This marketplace supports countless craft / art / design based ventures growing their stores and business.

Esnaf has been created keeping the maker as part of its vision. With packages as low as 459/- a month, Esnaf boasts a variety of subscription models (annually) based on the number of products and added features sought. This allows affordable e-commerce accessibility on a fully flexible e-store for craft and design based businesses of different size and scalability. This also makes socio-economic impact by assisting creatives in marginalized areas, in underdeveloped communities, and even low income neighborhoods to acquire a fully functional e-store for their skilled products, a marketing platform, and a means to generate income.

The team at Esnaf is just as excited about your e-store as YOU. That’s why we’re here to offer you support to help get your store up and running, to assist you when you’re finding difficulty, and here to make Esnaf work for your business.

Individual website maintenance is expensive, tricky, sometimes requires being tech savvy, too! Setting up a store on Esnaf is a lot easier than setting up your own website from scratch. You receive hosting, bandwidth, and disk space on a dedicated url for your e-store.

Just as we’re specific to makers and handmade / designed crafts, we’re hopeful our audience and customer base is just as amazing! We’re working hard on making a mark in the local arena with Esnaf!

At Esnaf, everyone’s part of a bigger family – the craft community comprising of Makers. We have a support forum on Facebook to help creatives connect, network, collaborate, ask questions, share advice, and even support one another at times of distress. We also show support on social media from time to time with products, makers, and brands who perform well, show great potential to flourish, or just because they’re awesome!

Esnaf does not charge you to individually list your products, nor does it take commissions on your sales. In fact, the annual subscription is a maintenance fee we require to make sure Esnaf is up and running to the best of its capacity, for each of YOU.

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