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Creating beautiful patterns with a message is my happy place. I am a self-taught surface pattern designer and I am constantly inspired by natural words around us. I love to create patterns wholeheartedly with my soul! My mission is to create timeless Islamic classic stories through my patterned products to make an impact!

About me 

Since my teenage years, I always had a passion to make digital art. Later on,  I found the real purpose of my life to serve Allah so I racked my brains up and down to blend both my passion and my duty as a Muslimah.

MADIGITIFIED (ma-di-gi-ti-fied) 

the brand came into existence in my subconscious a long time ago meaning I

‘ Madiha’ turns her art into digital.

Designing for patterned products has become my calling.

My patterns collections portray the way I wanted to see the beauty in the world by filling the gap. 

I am a mom of three adorable children!

About my blog 

I am the author of madigitified blog and love to share about surface pattern designing and to share with other talented artisans. I would love to get to know you there!

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What a creative life, without a risk!

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